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These are user submitted blades on the sub-reddit r/r/KnifeDeals, please follow the sub-reddit's rules and exercise good judgement when purchasing online.

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ImageNameDetailsAuthorPricePostedKnifeGeek LinkReddit Post Link
product imageBuck Knives 117 Brahma Pro Fix...4.5" Clip Point CPM ...Suitable_Charge5376129.00 USD6 hours ago
Pelican Minism1ng27.60 USD12 hours ago
product imageLatt Vind Tism1ng67.50 USD12 hours ago
Para 2Spy 27Necessary_Weight_603154.00 USDa day ago
product imageKershaw Bel Air Black-firearms365129.38 USDa day ago
Spyderco Para 3 CrucartaKnifeJoy Exclusive_Bike_Hunt139.95 USDa day ago
Spartan Blades Harsey Folder -...24 HOUR Saleggtacticaloutdoors399.00 USDa day ago
product imageDamascus Boning Knife-usmanss53.94 USD2 days ago
Mongolian KnifeHandcraft Handleusmanss20.00 USD2 days ago
Griffin Company Scout F3-Custo...Carbadized scalesOk_Comfortable_4373275.00 USD2 days ago
product imageKubey Anteaterblack G10 handle, 14...awedouble30.37 USD2 days ago
product imageBenchmade 551Knife CenterjustScapin115.00 USD3 days ago
Benchmade Seven Ten limited ed...Limited Edition Seve...boblet2w480.00 USD3 days ago
product imageCold Steel 20NPF Finn Wolf3.5" Scandi Ground A...ARKnife27.71 USD3 days ago
product imageReal Steel G5 Metamorph MK II ...Gray Textured Alumin...ZealousidealFan988031.00 USD4 days ago
product imageBowie DamascusBlade and guard in d...Bulky_Requirement456300.00 USD5 days ago
product imageSpyderco Manix 2 Brown Canvas ...-FreedomKnifeShop126.71 USD5 days ago
product imageRat 1-Necessary_Weight_60349.99 USD6 days ago
Kizer Vanguard Azo Squidward F...2.81" 154CM Black Cl...ARKnife26.33 USD6 days ago
Mantis Sabot IIBlackout Carbon Fibe...awedouble44.95 USD6 days ago