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These are user submitted blades on the sub-reddit r/r/KnifeDeals, please follow the sub-reddit's rules and exercise good judgement when purchasing online.

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ImageNameDetailsAuthorPricePostedKnifeGeek LinkReddit Post Link
CRK Small Sebenza 31 Plain Dro...Knife birth date Oct..._Water_Store_Remark_375.00 USD14 minutes ago
product imageSpyderco Endura3-3/4" FFG VG10 Sati...ARKnife79.59 USD12 hours ago
product imageQSP KNIFE CANARY LINERLOCK ULT...REGULAR PRICE $80.00...Delicious_Piglet_71857.95 USD16 hours ago
Victorinox Ranger 55 Grip Onyx...Large Pocket Knifet-w-i-a88.00 USD17 hours ago
product imageSencut Honoris in GuibourtiaCuibourtia wood, sto...Sprocketman5617.24 USD2 days ago
Knifejoy Lil NativesKJ+ Members sale pri...kingkmke21119.00 USD2 days ago
Hogue x Sig X1-Microflip 2.75"...-GideonTactical81.58 USD2 days ago
product imageCJRB Cutlery Pyrite-Alt3.11" AR-RPM9 Black ...ARKnife39.99 USD2 days ago
product imageCivivi Appalachian Drifter IINitro-V steel, avail...stud72234.19 USD3 days ago
product imageSOG Kiku XR LTE BlackCarbon Fiber CTS-HXP...stud722103.50 USD3 days ago
SOG Stout FLK Jade G-10Natural, with code E...stud72227.00 USD3 days ago
product imageSpyderco Para Military 2 G10 B...-FreedomKnifeShop155.97 USD4 days ago
product imageKershaw Iridium D2weatherbys59.99 USD5 days ago
Spartan Blades SF5 VIKING Dama...Chad Nichols Damascu...ggtacticaloutdoors525.00 USD5 days ago
SRK-C Cold Steel SRK VariantMidwayUSA exclusive,...zenngrey22.00 USD5 days ago
product imageCPM-3V Cold Steel SRK VariantMidwayUSA exclusive,...zenngrey80.00 USD5 days ago
product imageZT 0350TS-Adept_Knives150.00 USD5 days ago
product imageZT 0022-Adept_Knives185.00 USD5 days ago
ZT 0450-Adept_Knives185.00 USD5 days ago
product imageZT 0450CF-Adept_Knives182.00 USD5 days ago
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