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We are proud to partner with these companies and individuals to bring you the best content and products.

Nothing But Knives

Nothing But Knives is a website focused on providing reviews, opinions, and news about a wide range of knives, including tactical, hunting, everyday carry, and kitchen cutlery. Their reviews, while mostly unbiased, delve deep into the details of the steel, design, and history of the knives.


Everyday Tactical Vids

Everyday Tactical Vids, hosted by Tim Mercy, is a comprehensive YouTube channel that reviews tactical gear and products, while delving into the synergy of mental preparedness, physical fitness, skills application, and awareness of surroundings.


GP Knives

GP Knives is a leading knife retailer based in St. Louis, offering an extensive selection of over 100 name brands, including popular and high-end options. With a commitment to exceptional customer service and a wide range of products, they cater to outdoor enthusiasts and collectors alike.


Tiger Edge

Tiger Edge, a family-owned business based in Louisiana, USA, commenced its journey in 2010 during the founder's business management course at Louisiana State University. They specialize in a variety of edged and survival gear, offering products ranging from knives to self-defense items, shipping both domestically and internationally six days a week, excluding holidays.