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These are user submitted blades on the sub-reddit r/BalisongSale, please follow the sub-reddit's rules and exercise good judgement when purchasing online.

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ImageNameDetailsAuthorPricePostedKnifeGeek LinkReddit Post Link
product imageSquid Krake Raken10/10 Brand new from...connortryan23250.00 USD13 hours ago
product imageSquid Trainer V48.5/10BaliRK100.00 USD2 days ago
product imageT1 Tsunamilike newGreasyPizzaMan100.00 USD7 days ago
product imageRevo nexusGREAT condition, no ...yoloplayer151130.00 USD8 days ago
product imageBRADLEY KIMURA W/JADE G10 SCAL...The knife is basical...Andr33k120.00 USD8 days ago
product imageKraken9/10 condition comes...sardoniiq135.00 USD9 days ago
product imageBRS Alpha BeastWTSLess-Entrepreneur566300.00 USD9 days ago
product imageNAUT V28/10 blem, flipped o...SlingingSpider150.00 USD11 days ago
product imageTalisong Z Bearing Version5/10 Small chip on h...StarFox8013 days ago
product imageAkuma9.5 only cause I use...Stawhoo75.00 USD13 days ago
product imageNRB Ultralight8.5/10 conditionTraditionalAlgae1445130.00 USD15 days ago
product imageScorpion 6 B1 BRare piece from blad...johnnymep600.00 USD16 days ago
product imageKRAKEN TRAINER V3Comes with box, pouc...Pretty-Raise-2070185.00 USD17 days ago
product imageBenchmade 51near mint (see detai...Paecr290.00 USD19 days ago
product imageScorpion 6 B1BDLC handles, Magnacu...johnnymep825.00 USD19 days ago
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