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These are user submitted blades from multiple subreddits.

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ImageNameDetailsSubredditAuthorPricePostedKnifeGeek LinkReddit Post Link
Blem Piratech Kraken DLCs90v blade steel, in...r/Knife_SwapFretJunkie93245.00 USD18 minutes ago
product imageKizer Yorkie S35VNCarried and used. We...r/Knife_Swapproperunidaddy60.00 USD35 minutes ago
product imageVero Engineering Mini Synapse ...Carried and used. Sl...r/Knife_Swapproperunidaddy280.00 USD35 minutes ago
Kizer Original Dark Gold Fat C...Carried and used. No...r/Knife_Swapproperunidaddy100.00 USD35 minutes ago
product imageSpyderco Para 3 S45VNCarried but not used...r/Knife_Swapproperunidaddy100.00 USD35 minutes ago
product imageBenchmade Bugout 535BK-4 M390Carried and used. We...r/Knife_Swapproperunidaddy160.00 USD35 minutes ago
product imageWE Esprit 20CVCarried and used. No...r/Knife_Swapproperunidaddy120.00 USD35 minutes ago
product imageBoker trapper D2Like new just stropp...r/Knife_SwapEddieK580535.00 USD41 minutes ago
product imageLeatherman free P2Like new, carried fo...r/Knife_SwapEddieK580582.00 USD41 minutes ago
product imageQueen cutlery trapper 1095 bla...This one has been ca...r/Knife_SwapEddieK580530.00 USD41 minutes ago
product imageStrider SMF Performance tiger ...Carried, sharpened, ...r/Knife_Swappistoffchristoph27560.00 USDan hour ago
product imageRMJ Tactical Stabby GuyPry/self defense too...r/Knife_SwapThotTamer175.00 USDan hour ago
Berg Blades Iron PupLightly carried and ...r/Knife_SwapThotTamer180.00 USDan hour ago
product imageBBK Raptor V2Lightly carried and ...r/Knife_SwapThotTamer250.00 USDan hour ago
product imageGriffin Scout F2.5Lightly carried and ...r/Knife_SwapThotTamer155.00 USDan hour ago
product imageSpyderco SwaybackLightly carried and ...r/Knife_SwapThotTamer165.00 USDan hour ago
Alt CHABNo box, what you see...r/BalisongSalepinipigbomb400.00 USDan hour ago
product imageSpyderco SouthardG10 brown scale, CTS...r/Knife_SwapPrometheusSmith170.00 USDan hour ago
product imageReate TributeExcellent condition,...r/Knife_SwapSirRichardWhimsy155.00 USDan hour ago
product imageCJRB PyriteTitanium handles wit...r/Knife_SwapSirRichardWhimsy75.00 USDan hour ago