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These are user submitted blades on the sub-reddit r/r/EDCExchange, please follow the sub-reddit's rules and exercise good judgement when purchasing online.

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ImageNameDetailsAuthorPricePostedKnifeGeek LinkReddit Post Link
No Limit Night StalkerS90V steel, Carbon f...tokipost107.00 USD6 hours ago
Reylight Pineapple MiniBlue stonewashed tit...PaulRyansWifesSon65.00 USD12 hours ago
product imageCJRB Pyritetitanium scales anod...PaulRyansWifesSon60.00 USD12 hours ago
Solingen Ultrablade Fishing Kn...Blade is 3.75" long,...edwards70625.00 USD12 hours ago
Manix 2Brass scales, no bal...bananamanwins185.00 USDa day ago
product imageLeatherman Wave (original)-Recreational-Crack50.00 USDa day ago
House of Jack Top Grain Leathe...-Recreational-Crack12.00 USDa day ago
product imageKershaw Brawler Spring Assiste...-Recreational-Crack17.50 USDa day ago
product imageKershaw Shuffle IIw/ Bottle OpenerRecreational-Crack15.00 USDa day ago
Recycled Firefighter 12 Hour G...Condition B, no outd...BluelightbillyPS4100.00 USD2 days ago
product imageDamned Designs Wendigo(B) N690 jade scalesgrokusama55.00 USD2 days ago
Paradrop leather Hastatiblack and ‘brown’ (B...grokusama2 days ago
product imageDeathgrip Black G10 scalesFor Bugout (full siz...honestWreck75.00 USD2 days ago
product imageStretch 2 XL LW VG-10Black FRN, not used ...honestWreck80.00 USD2 days ago
product imageNative 5 LW S30VBlack FRN, without M...honestWreck90.00 USD2 days ago
Architect Knives 3.5 S35VNWith brown burlap mi...honestWreck145.00 USD2 days ago
Tactile Turn Steel Short Bolt ...Short stainless stee...madmax25290.00 USD3 days ago
product imageKnafs Lander 2 Green Micarta w...S35VN steel, include...Allmighty_ACE135.00 USD3 days ago
product imageSpyderco PhoenixNew, Original ownerSenorDevil220.00 USD3 days ago
Civivivi VisionSolid, centered, NewSenorDevil75.00 USD3 days ago