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These are user submitted blades on the sub-reddit r/EDCExchange, please follow the sub-reddit's rules and exercise good judgement when purchasing online.

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ImageNameDetailsAuthorPricePostedKnifeGeek LinkReddit Post Link
product imageSmock- s30vHardware and scales ...Flimsy_Narwhal_4543180.00 USD2 hours ago
product imageSage 5 - M4Marbled CF scales, m...Flimsy_Narwhal_4543160.00 USD2 hours ago
product imageWe Vision R - 20CVBNIB tiger striped f...Flimsy_Narwhal_4543190.00 USD2 hours ago
product imagePara 3 - cts-xhp steelHas been carried a f...Flimsy_Narwhal_4543165.00 USD2 hours ago
product imageAUXILIARY MFG BOTTLE ROCKET G-...Uncut & carried once...rcow74210.00 USD13 hours ago
product imageSerge Slip 7Used about 3 times t...EyzuT130.00 USD17 hours ago
product imageKIZER HARPOONSNEW IN BOX, RED HAND...GrassGrowingIrony40.00 USD2 days ago
product imageReate Exo-MFirst owner, bought ...biker105nn225.00 USD2 days ago
product imageKizer MaestroIt is in great condi...rtholla2 days ago
product imageSocom Elite Auto TantoA - M390 - Never dis...ScaryLarryEleventy12230.00 USD2 days ago
product imageUTX-85 ZombieA - M390 - Never dis...ScaryLarryEleventy12290.00 USD2 days ago
product imageSpyderco Sage 1S30V steel and carbo...alanfulp2010100.00 USD2 days ago
product imageCivivi BaklashTan G-10 scales and ...alanfulp201030.00 USD2 days ago
product imageCivivi HooliganD2 steel and brown m...alanfulp201040.00 USD2 days ago
product imagePena Bravo, knurled ti handleKnife has never been...CountryRoads21531280.00 USD4 days ago
product imageSOg Aegis flkGouge in bladeTheShadowuFear130.00 USD4 days ago
product imageSOg Terminus xr lteBad finishTheShadowuFear130.00 USD4 days ago
product imageSOg Twitch 2Minimal saltTheShadowuFear130.00 USD4 days ago
product imageLeatherman SignalUsed, missing the kn...birdman3131105.00 USD5 days ago
product imageLeatherman SignalMissing knife sharpe...birdman3131105.00 USD5 days ago