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These are user submitted blades on the sub-reddit r/r/Knife_Swap, please follow the sub-reddit's rules and exercise good judgement when purchasing online.

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ImageNameDetailsAuthorPricePostedKnifeGeek LinkReddit Post Link
product imageGuardian Tactical 035 SE Bluealuminum / elmax, st...michaelcarroll_199.99 USD18 minutes ago
Boker Trppr premiumOpened today, slight...ZealousidealFan9880190.00 USD26 minutes ago
product imageNull Knives RaidenLNIB, only handled, ...ZealousidealFan9880225.00 USD26 minutes ago
product imageKA-Bar BK40 Aus8Never sharpened, use...Kendleth120.00 USD28 minutes ago
product imageCJRB pyrite AR-RPM9Carried, not used or...Kendleth120.00 USD28 minutes ago
product imageBoker urban trapper backlock V...Cut steak once, neve...Kendleth120.00 USD28 minutes ago
product imageSOG Terminus D2Used and stropped, n...Kendleth120.00 USD28 minutes ago
ZT 0450 s35vnDeep carry clip, use...Kendleth130.00 USD28 minutes ago
product imageSpyderco Siren LC200nDisassembled, used a...Kendleth70.00 USD28 minutes ago
Kizer Geminisnail trails, blade ...Turbulent-Tutor-4790100.00 USDan hour ago
product imageCivivi Elementum Button Locknew, green micarta d...Turbulent-Tutor-479025.00 USDan hour ago
product imageAutomatic Benchmade Adamas Clo...D2 steel, no BM labe...Turbulent-Tutor-479035.00 USDan hour ago
product imageCivivi Vision FGBlack G10 scales, bl...FretJunkie93120.00 USDan hour ago
product imageMiguron Moyarl Crossbar LockBlack 14c28n blade, ...FretJunkie93120.00 USDan hour ago
Half Face Blades disaster brea...Maple burl scales. 3...pale_johnson500.00 USDan hour ago
SBD Derecho OD Green Micarta9.5/10 condition, co...CDRWilson290.00 USD2 hours ago
CKF BratLike new, includes C...Sharp_viking480.00 USD2 hours ago
product imageProtech Malibu 20CVGP Knives exclusive ...mrhibpshman200.00 USD2 hours ago
product imageCivivi Sokoke 14c28nLNIB, jade G10, fron...mrhibpshman45.00 USD2 hours ago
Benchmade ShootoutGood condition, some...SuggestionHaunting93210.00 USD2 hours ago