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The Best Starter Pocket Knife Brands

Pocket knives are a must have tool, for enthusiasts people who enjoy DIY projects and anyone who values the combination of practicality and craftsmanship that these little wonders offer. They are versatile and a symbol of independence. Whether you're cutting, slicing, piercing or just need to do a fix having a pocket knife by your side is always handy. For those to the world of pocket knives picking your one can feel overwhelming with so many brands and models out there.

In this blog post we'll focus on three known pocket knife brands. Benchmade, Buck and Kershaw.. Highlight some of their top choices, for beginners.

1. Benchmade: Renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship and innovative designs, Benchmade is a trusted name among pocket knife enthusiasts. Here are three standout starter knives from Benchmade:

  • Bugout 535 EDC Knife: The Bugout 535 is a stellar example of what Benchmade represents. It’s lightweight, durable, and features a razor-sharp blade making it an ideal everyday carry (EDC) knife. Click here to purchase.

  • Mini Osborne 945 Folding Knife: This compact piece is a modern classic, with its stylish design and top-notch functionality. The Mini Osborne 945 is versatile, with a well-designed blade that’s suited for a wide range of tasks, making it a great choice for beginners. Click here to purchase.

  • SOCP 391BK Tactical Knife: For those leaning towards a tactical pocket knife, the SOCP 391BK is a great option. With a dagger style blade and a reliable locking mechanism, this knife is designed for tactical situations but is versatile enough for everyday use. Click here to purchase.

2. Buck: A hallmark of reliability, Buck is known for its robust and straightforward pocket knives. Here’s a selection of starter knives from Buck:

3. Kershaw: Kershaw is celebrated for its affordable, yet high-quality pocket knives, offering an array of designs to cater to different preferences. Here are three great starter knives from Kershaw:

Each of these brands and models offers something catering to a range of tastes and requirements. Whether you prefer a contemporary style there's a beginner pocket knife ready to become your everyday companion. Choosing a quality pocket knife from known brands, like Benchmade, Buck or Kershaw ensures that you're embarking on your journey with a top notch tool that can assist you in various ways. With a pocket knife in your pocket the world is full of opportunities, for exploration, inspiration and self sufficiency.