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Kansept AGI Green and Black Carbon Fiber 2.94" CPM-S35VN K2037A4 product image

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Kansept AGI Green and Black Carbon Fiber 2.94" CPM-S35VN K2037A4

The AGI, a sleek and efficient knife designed by Michal Galovic and Michal Komorovsky, boasts a 2.94" CPM-S35VN blackwashed drop point blade that excels in a variety of tasks such as slicing, precision work, piercing, and handling small tasks with ease. Its quick-opening feature allows for fast and effortless access to the blade, making it highly convenient for any situation. The knife's design is modern and streamlined, characterized by slender structural lines that contribute to its contemporary appearance. Crafted for comfort and stability, the AGI features a frame locking system that securely locks the blade in place during use, ensuring safety and reliability. The handle, a combination of green and black carbon fiber with a blackwashed titanium back, is not only visually striking but also ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and stable grip. The incorporation of ball bearings facilitates a smooth opening and closing action, enhancing the overall user experience. Durable and versatile, the AGI is an ideal everyday knife that effortlessly combines functionality with style. Whether it's for culinary purposes in the kitchen or for outdoor activities, this knife is designed to meet a wide range of needs with precision and efficiency.


  • Blade Steel: Cpm S 35 Vn
  • Model Number: 2037 A 4
  • Lock Type: Frame Lock
  • Blade Thickness: 0.11 inches
  • Blade Length: 2.94 inches
  • Open Length: 6.69 inches
  • Weight: 2.08 ounces
  • Finish Color: Blackwashed
  • Style: Drop Point
  • Handle Material: Carbon Fiber Titanium
  • Origin: China

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