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Boker Plus V-42 2.1 Fixed Blade Knife Black Blade Brown Leather Handle product image

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Boker Plus V-42 2.1 Fixed Blade Knife Black Blade Brown Leather Handle

Secure your piece of history today with a small $5.00 deposit (non-refundable). When it's time to ship, we'll request the remaining $120.76. Orders are dispatched in the sequence they were received. For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us. Introducing the enhanced 2.1 version of the V-42 Boker Plus replica, a fixed blade knife with a storied past linked to the legendary Devil's Brigade. This updated model boasts a textured grip near the blade's base, a streamlined lanyard on the sheath, a darker handle, and is crafted from durable 1095 high-carbon steel, ensuring this replica is not just a collector's item but a fully functional dagger ready for rigorous use. The Devil's Brigade, officially known as the 1st Special Service Force, was a unique unit formed in July 1942, comprising both American and Canadian soldiers. This special task force was trained for covert operations behind enemy lines and is the precursor to many of today's special units. Their night operations, characterized by blackened faces for camouflage, earned them the nickname "Black Devils" from the German Wehrmacht, a testament to the respect they commanded despite their small size. The V-42 combat knife was a crucial part of the Devil's Brigade's gear, designed for close combat and featuring a handle made of compressed leather discs ending in a pointed impact cap to prevent injury. The double-edged blade includes a corrugated thumb rest for a secure grip. This legendary dagger is still celebrated today, proudly displayed in the crest of the U.S. Army Special Forces. This exclusive collector's item comes with its classic leather sheath, a replica of the unit's red spearhead cloth insignia, and a reproduction of the original German sticker proclaiming "The worst is yet to come!"—a psychological warfare tool used to demoralize the enemy. A must-have for military history enthusiasts, this premium set is a testament to the enduring legacy of the Devil's Brigade. Boker Plus knives are renowned for their innovative design and German engineering, produced in collaboration with knife experts globally and manufactured in Taiwan, China, and Italy. For top-notch quality at an unbeatable price, Boker Plus is the choice for everyday cutting needs.


  • Blade Steel: 1095
  • Model Number: 02 Bo 109
  • Blade Length: 7.01 inches
  • Open Length: NaN inches
  • Weight: NaN ounces
  • Blade Edge: Plain
  • Finish Color: Black
  • Style: Dagger
  • Handle Material: Leather
  • Use Case: EDC
  • Origin: China

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