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Spartan Blades Black Spartan-KA-BAR Magnacut Model SB54 product image

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Spartan Blades Black Spartan-KA-BAR Magnacut Model SB54

In 2019, KA-Bar embarked on an ambitious project by collaborating with Spartan Blades, LLC to form Pineland Cutlery, Inc. This initiative was spearheaded by John Stitt, the CEO of both KA-Bar and Pineland Cutlery, with the aim of creating a superior version of the legendary "KA-BAR" knife. The objective was to enhance the knife's edge retention, durability, and resistance to corrosion. A key breakthrough in the development process came from a metallurgist named Larrin Thomas, who conducted pivotal research on a particle metal that met all the desired criteria. This exceptional material was identified as CPM MagnaCut®, produced by Crucible Industries, a company renowned for its expertise in crafting specialty steels. CPM MagnaCut® was engineered to withstand the stringent requirements of the cutlery industry. Spartan Blades took the lead in this endeavor, utilizing advanced techniques such as CNC machining, deep cryogenic treatment, and PVD coatings to manufacture this remarkable knife. The culmination of these efforts was the creation of the Spartan-KA-BAR, a knife that stands as a symbol of innovation and excellence in the world of cutlery.


  • Blade Steel: Cpm Magnacut
  • Model Number: 54
  • Blade Thickness: 0.165 inches
  • Open Length: 12 inches
  • Weight: 10.8 ounces
  • Finish Color: Black
  • Style: Clip
  • Handle Material: Karton G
  • Origin: USA

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